Return policy

PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd will exchange/return goods and refund customers in the following cases:

1. The product is not delivered according to the order

In case you think that your product is not the same as the order, please contact our company as soon as possible to check and replace the correct item you requested (if the company delivered the wrong item). row)

2. Products ordered but not satisfied

For the characteristics of products processed according to contracts or drawings, we will not be responsible if the customer changes his mind and does not receive the goods after processing.

3. Product does not match the drawing

Please check the goods against the drawing and the parameters are allowed to be different during the machining process. In case of requesting customers to measure products in standard conditions according to regulations on product measurement.
If the product is due to the customer’s fault, please bear the shipping fee for exchange/return.

4. Return and adjustment policy

The validity period of the service as well as the cost for the exchange and adjustment of the service will be agreed upon by the two parties by the contract appendices.
The above refund, delivery and exchange policies may be modified or supplemented during the service provision.
We always welcome your comments, contact and feedback about this “Warranty Policy”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

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