CNC Programming Service

CNC programming service at PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd

Welcome to the CNC programming service of PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd. Where you and many other customers have put their trust.

For more than 10 years as a CNC programming partner for US aerospace companies, our team affirms world-class and extensive experience in the precision machining programming industry.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

CNC programming service

Standard CNC programming from scratch

PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd provides quality and extremely efficient CNC programming services on the basis of modern CNC programming software such as: Catia, Mastercam, NX… for any large project or small. From the smallest production part to large bespoke projects. We offer integrated solutions in design to help optimize machine investment costs and help you get the most out of your CNC machines.

Besides CNC programming, we will also provide a full detailed Setting Table, which helps you to set up Data Position, Part Orientation, Critical Dimensions and Tooling Information (flute length etc.).

All programs are tested for compatibility with your CNC machine (Gouge and Collision check) to ensure that the programming programs we provide are always ready for your CNC machining work. Friend.

3-axis CNC programming service

Our programming is fully compatible with the following operating systems: Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens and Haas. We have included installation documentation: tool lengths, detailed settings, data, etc.

5 axis CNC programming service

Our team of CNC 5 programmers can program virtually any geometry from simple to complex. Over 10 years of experience makes it possible for us to provide an accurate “first time” CNC programming service.

Provide realistic detailed models from ideas

With 10 years of experience modeling parts for a wide range of industries including Aerospace and Medical Devices. We accept programming and detailed prototyping from your initial ideas.

Create drawings from real parts

We provide high precision Hexagon 3d laser assisted scanning service. The data is then transferred to a CAD file and batch cloned CNC machining. Therefore, you do not need a technical team, just provide the actual parts that need programming and machining.

If there is a need for CNC programming, please click the button below, send detailed drawing files or detailed samples. We will program and return the results.

3 reasons you should outsource CNC programming

Is it difficult to find talent in the field of CNC programmers in Vietnam?

Our CNC programming service provides a team of domestic and foreign CNC engineers, who have more than 10 years of experience working with projects of companies that produce industry details with strict technical requirements (aeronautical universe).

Have to give up many complex projects because of lack of CNC programming team?

We use industry-standard Autodesk Powermill software that is capable of programming everything.

Your modern CNC machining machines are invested millions of dollars but have been exploited at full capacity?

PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd specializes in providing CNC programming solutions to optimize production in CNC machining. Get the most out of your million dollar machines.

Let the CNC engineer of PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd keep your million dollar CNC machines running 24/7 smoothly and efficiently.

PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd specializes in providing high quality CNC programming, CNC milling, and CNC turning machining services.