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About PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd

About us

PPQ Precision Mechanical Company Limited is one of the leading mechanical companies in Binh Duong, Vietnam. With the headquarters located at… 119 Tran Van On, Dong Hoa, Di An, Binh Duong, Vietnam and has more than 10 years specialized in providing high quality CNC programming, milling and turning services for hundreds of Domestic and foreign customers include many fields such as precision mechanics, aerospace, medical equipment…

PPQ = P: Professional Service | P: Competitive price | Q: Committed quality

PPQ Precision Mechanical Co

History of PPQ Precision

– We were formerly a company specializing in providing CNC drawing design and CNC programming services for 3-axis CNC machines to 5-axis CNC machines. Our customers are American aerospace and aerospace parts manufacturing companies (Noranco, Tjaerospace, Btlmachine) and Japan (Toshin-ss, Vinakyoeisteel, Showa-kk)…
– After more than many years of working with major customers from the US and Japan, we have gradually established relationships from providing CNC design and programming services to establishing the trust of customers. and are directly assigned to CNC machining the products designed by us.

From the above premise, in May 2019, we officially established a CNC machining specialist company with the name PPQ Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Field of activity

The company’s main products and services include: CNC milling and turning of mechanical components, processing simple to complex mechanical parts, providing solutions and technical consulting services for customers. mechanical projects.
Specifically, PPQ Precision provides CNC machining services such as:

Why should choose us?

  • We have a large processing workshop, large and modern machines
  • With a leadership team with many years of experience in the mechanical industry.
  • There is a team of good technicians, with young and enthusiastic employees
  • More than 10 years of experience in CNC programming and design according to the quality standards of machine parts for the US and Japanese aviation industry
  • CNC machining machinery imported directly from Japan
  • We confidently machine precision parts with tolerances of +/-0.005mm
  • Strict quality control process
  • Commitment to confidentiality of customer information
  • Receiving drawings online 24/24 (including hand drawings)
  • Committed to providing a quote within 24 hours after receiving the drawing

Machining capacity

Vision and goals

The company’s vision and goal is to become one of the leading companies in the field of precision mechanics in Vietnam and have a good name in foreign markets, meet the maximum requirements of customers and close actively contribute to the development of the mechanical industry in Vietnam.

Above is an introduction to the prestigious and quality CNC machining service of PPQ Precision, if you have demand for CNC machining please download the CAD file or copy drawing paper, PPQ Precision’s technical team will receive and contact you to quote you within 24 hours.

PPQ Precision specializes in providing high quality CNC programming, CNC milling, and CNC turning machining services.

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